by thethoeles

I have had the intention to add our story to this page.  Lay it all out there as many that are close to us are hesitant to ask for the long version.  Many others are grieving alongside us for Sullivan and it’s tough to relive.  He was loved by so many.  I wish you could have all met him.  He was so beautiful.  Perfect.  The strange truth is that there are times when we enjoy telling the story.  Of course there are tears and moments where Meg or I can’t get the words past our lips, but there are also so many details that I enjoy recalling.  I was so proud of Meghan for her strength.  I was so proud that we created this beautiful little angel.  I was so grateful for our family who were with us every moment. 

I’m very sad and miss Sullivan very much.  I’m sad that we won’t have the chance to see the person he would become.  But I’m comforted with the thought that he’s in heaven cheering us on.  I wonder if he’ll recognize my voice when I get there.

I’m too exhausted to write our story today. (I’m also crying and typing at work, not a good combo.)  But maybe soon.

 ~ Kris